Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final lectures

We're into the last week, and this week we're focusing on what actually makes all the things we've talked about so far in the course possible -- Data Centers.  On Monday Jeremy gave an excellent overview of the MapReduce, the simple but powerful programming paradigm used for many tasks in data centers.  You'll get a lot of practice with MapReduce on the HW, so that hopefully you're comfortable with it by the end of the course.  In addition to the details of programming with MapReduce, Jeremy discussed the how MapReduce is actually implemented and gave some amazing statistics about its use within Google.

That brings us to today's lecture.  Today, I'll spend half the class giving an overview of the design of data centers themselves, with a focus on energy-efficiency issues.  If you find yourself interested in these issues, you should definitely sign up for 146 this spring since we'll be going into a lot more detail about research in this area. 

Then, the last thing we'll do is a course review, where I'll quiz you all about the "big" ideas from the course, and reward correct answers with candy... Please come so that you get a reminder of all the things we covered this term. 

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