Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hw 5 is out

Homework 5 is out! Grab it from the course page. Note that the printout handed out in class missed a page!

Please post your queries/commentsregarding this homework in the comments.


  1. This is a busy week for this course, so please plan for it:

    Next Wed you have a 5min presentation in class
    Next Thu you have a HW due
    Next Thu the rankmaniac reports are due

    Sorry for such a packed week, but our hope is that none of these individual tasks are too long.

  2. For Problem 5:

    When the highest living member in the hierarchy proposes an allocation. Is his vote included in the vote among all the lower members?

  3. To Michelle: Yes, he will vote too.

  4. To Michelle: Yes, the highest ranked living member's vote counts as well.

  5. Concerning Problem 5: Is the minimal increment of money $1, one cent, or can we get arbitrarily close to $0?

  6. To Jon: Let's assume the minimum increment is $1.

    This means the alloted money for each member must be in whole dollars (of course, some member(s) may be alloted $0).