Monday, February 1, 2010

Lectures 8-9: Search

We moved on from the network structure and network formation topics that we've been studying so far, to now discuss one example of how to exploit our understanding of network structure -- Search.  We spent most of today talking about the general architecture of a search engine (crawling, indexing, ranking, and display), but just got to the point where we were discussing the key new insight of google when it formed -- pagerank.

We ended by putting up a first take on pagerank and I left you with the question of coming up with an example webgraph that "breaks" our first cut at pagerank.  So, we'll pick up there on Wednesday.

Remember -- the next homework will go out soon and you'll be competing in groups of two for ranking on google for the term "rankmaniac 2010".  One key constraint that I forgot to mention in class about this though is your page (which you are aiming to have show up first on google/bing) cannot be on the caltech domain.  So, you have to grab a free blog/wiki/etc from somewhere else to host your page.

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  1. My slides and notes are now up for both of the search lectures...hopefully that helps with the rankmaniac assignment.