Monday, March 8, 2010

an adwords suggestion

As some of you realized, your campaign in adwords may stop/reduce gaining clicks after some time. Remember that the difference of the bidding algorithms between google and yahoo. google uses your bid submitted times the clickthrough rate (CRT) to bid the ad slots. CRT is initialized some value and then measured during your campaign. If the CRT of some keywords in your campaign become very low, you may try some new keywords to increase your clicks.


  1. one more tiny thing, I don't know how you see the latest stats information of the campaigns. (It seems that the data on the campaigns page only update at midnight every day) You may check "Billing Summary" to see the campaign activity for current day :)

  2. Is the adwords portion of the assignment due this Thursday...? We weren't able to get nearly as many as 40 clicks during the past few days :(

  3. Sorry but we'll keep Thursday as the deadline. I don't want it to stretch into finals (and prevent you from focusing on the project plan).