Thursday, February 23, 2012

Facebook Ad Platform

According to this article, the Facebook ad platform Alchemy has recently been upgraded to work better with Facebook's Timeline and Sponsored Stories features, and it is a tool for creating, managing, and optimizing social advertising campaigns. There are statistics that say a high percentage of marketers will continue to increase their budgets for social media especially because it is still an emerging field in digital advertising. The new upgraded Alchemy will be able to provide marketers with detailed feedback on how their ad campaigns are performing such as information on how ads are performing when shown on pages with the Timeline feature. The platform is expected to expand into the mobile space in the near future, and Facebook may be headed in that direction. Many users access Facebook on mobile devices, so brands are likely to be readily available for advertising in that space.

In an ad campaign, Alchemy would be able to provide ease of ad creation and duplication. It would also provide conversion tracking and analytics at the advertisement level which enable near real time optimization to costs. Considering Clickmaniac, advertising is at a smaller scale with a smaller goal, and this type of platform may not be necessary. Though if we look at making larger and longer ad campaigns, these fine-tuning features that Alchemy provides would be very beneficial in the long run. We see that a platform like Alchemy is another entity in the mix between publishers, advertisers, intermediaries, and users.

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  1. Just to clarify--Alchemy is not Facebook's ad platform, it's a third-party service run by Techlightenment that has a business partnership with Facebook.