Friday, February 17, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon

Hello class, I guess this is technically a spam post on this blog, but I got a couple of questions from people about the location near Caltech where you can catch the course administrators (Adam and the TAs) and from what I hear, even a couple of your classmates, running on Sunday morning. So, here is a link to the course map:

Course Map

Wilson Avenue between Del Mar and San Pasqual would be the closest place to Caltech where you can spot us. That is roughly the half-way point, so you can expect to see some of us there starting at 8:15am and perhaps up to 9:15am. We'll all be wearing bright red T-shirts, so we're hard to miss!

P.S.: If you are wondering, yes, I tried to make this a required part of Homework 6 (as question zero), but Adam didn't approve it!

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