Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Game of Competition

For most of my life, there have been three big names in technology: Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Each has a different backstory, which most of us know quite well, but all three ended up with a monopoly on a product. Google had its search engine, Microsoft had the PC, and Apple had the iPhone. Each product has been updated over the years, but there was one element noticeably lacking to aide in innovation: competition.

Fortunately for the consumers, competition is now beginning to grow and the spoils are innumerable. In the beginning of the twenty-first century, Apple finally had the Mac computer market begin to click, challenging the PC market. Suddenly the crummy Windows OS updates such as Windows ME, Windows 2005, and Windows Vista weren’t forced upon the consumers because there was an alternative. The innovation that Apple displayed forced Windows to change their strategy and actually make innovative improvements to their product. The jury is still out on how successful this will be, but Windows 7 and Windows 8 show significant promise. The story is the same for the iPhone (with the Android being the competition) and Google (with Bing being the competition).

As these three companies continue to attack each other dominating products, the products get better faster and options available to the consumer increase dramatically. Each of these three companies continue to butt heads in the technology market and it will be an exciting to follow which will reign supreme in the end.


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