Saturday, March 3, 2012

Internet Browser Shares

According to statistics compiled by the Web tracking firm Net Applications, Google's Chrome browser's share fell slightly for a second month.

Net Applications acknowledged that until recently it had been over-counting Chrome's share due to Chrome's pre-rendering function, implemented last August.  When users enter information in the address bar or the Google search bar Chrome will preemptively load some of the results; this caused Net Applications to over-estimate the number of sites visited by Chrome users.  In February, the pre-rendering "accounted for 4.3% of Chrome's daily unique visitors".  No other browser utilizes pre-rendering.

Additionally, Chrome's PageRank was still being penalized after a marketing campaign violated the company's rules against paid links; this dropped the Chrome website from the second result on the first page of a search for "browser" to the sixth item on the fifth page.  It seems likely that Chrome will return to rising this month.

For comparison, Firefox has 20.92% of the browser share, Chrome 18.90%, Safari 5.24%, and the combined shares of Internet Explorer 6-9 is 52.84%.  These represent changes of -1.77%, +7.49%, +1.11%, and -6.38%, respectively.


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