Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homework 5

Homework 5 is now up on the course web page.  This HW is purely to get you up to speed with game theory.  If you've seen it before you may find it easy, but hopefully it will be fun. 

If the problems seem hard, or use terms that you don't know, be sure to come to Bose's "Intro to Game Theory" lecture this wednesday during the normal class time.  If you know all the terms in the homework and it's easy for you, there's no need to come on wednesday.

As always, post your questions about the homework as comments to this post.


  1. Lacking exposure to Mafia movies, I'm wondering in Q5 (1) whether the member proposing the allocation can vote and (2) what's the minimum denomination of the money?

  2. The member proposing the allocation can vote on his proposal and the minimum denomination is 1 dollar.

  3. Allowing the allocator to vote seem to introduce uncertainty into the problem. If there are 4 members left, is it true that the allocator only need to get one other vote to win?

  4. When 4 members are left that means there are 4 voters possible. Assuming the allocator will vote in favor of his proposal, he only needs one other member to vote in favor of his proposal in order to win.