Monday, February 14, 2011

Lecture 8

Today we started the "network economics" section of the course in earnest.  Our "warmup" is the case of "load balancing games".  These games are motivated by the fact that a data center / server farm is simply too big to optimally assign jobs, so instead we could consider just using a greedy heuristic of sending jobs to the best server they can go.  Well, this algorithm can be viewed as a game where the players are the jobs...and we spent the lecture starting the analysis of this game. 

Remember -- Wednesday is the conclusion of "rankmania".  We'll have the ceremonial search at 12:30 in Ann 213.  So, feel free to bring your lunch...but make sure someone from your group is there so that we can easily identify which pages belong to which group and assign grades.

Also, remember that the project proposals are due wednesday at 12:30 too, so bring them along with you.


  1. One other thing...Since we don't have a HW this week, we'll also skip office hours this week. So, it's a "break" for the TAs too.

  2. As suggested on Wed, I'll be ordering some pizza for the 12:30 "final search" on Wed. Hope to see all of you there!