Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lecture 7

Yesterday's lecture was on "cascading behavior in networks", a.k.a. epidemics over networks, a.k.a., information cascades, a.k.a., diffusion over networks, ...  It goes by many names.

We looked at a few "toy" models that I hope gave you a flavor for what cascades are and how network structure (specifically clustering) affects their growth.  We really only touched the tip of the iceberg however, and so there are lots of related questions that would make great project ideas on this topic.  I hope to see a bunch of ideas here when you turn in your project proposals.

Remember: HWs are due on Friday this week, and so office hours are Wednesday and Thursday.  I'll be having mine on Wednesday, so please come early and get started on the HW (even though it's an easy week).  Otherwise I'll get lonely...


  1. Could you link to our Rankmaniac 2011 website on the course page?

    -Alejandro Carbonara

  2. Remember, the Rankmaniac report is due tomorrow!

  3. Here's a recent article on SEO that Raga pointed me too... Gives a feeling for how important this stuff is in reality.