Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HW 3 is out!

Grab it from the web page...and post your questions here.

Note:  You'll need to use Mathematica/Matlab/Maple for question 3, so if you're not comfortable with these, please be sure to start early and feel free to ask the TAs for help.  


  1. I had a question in Problem 2.
    In part (a), what do you mean by a "particular c-letter word"?
    Is it a designated word that starts with c?
    Or is it any word that starts with c??
    If it's one word that starts with c, for example, like 'cat',
    don't we have to know the length of the word to get the probability??

  2. To Jiyoung: c stands for a number -- by "c-letter word", we mean a particular word with c letters, e.g.: for c = 3, find the probability the monkey types "bat".

  3. One clarification regarding Problem 4: The sentence "We add a new central node B to the network, and connect it to every other node on the ring with probability p ..." seems to have caused some confusion. What we mean is that node B is connected to each of the n nodes on the ring with probability p.