Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lecture 4: A first attempt at modeling networks

We spent the lecture today finishing up our discussion of G(n,p) random graphs.  We saw that G(n,p) turns out to have many of the connectivity and diameter properties that we saw in the web graph and the other networks we've discussed in previous lectures.  Further, we saw that G(n,p) has beautiful "threshold" behavior for almost every property we care about.  Most of your next homework will involve looking more deeply into the properties of G(n,p) so, if you got lost during the lecture or missed it because you were working on the HW, be sure to look back at the notes and ask questions. (The lecture notes are not available on the course webpage.)

Also, I found out (to my surprise) that many of you have not used "linearity of expectation" much.  If this applies to you, please be sure that you follow how we used it in class and be sure to look at the HW1 solutions so that you can see how it was useful in problem 2.

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  1. One thing I forgot to mention in class is that Monday is a holiday -- so we won't be having lecture. However, the TAs will still be having office hours at the normal time...