Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lecture 7: Project ideas session

We had a very fun lecture from one of our TAs yesterday that hopefully primed you to think about some creative project proposals.  Virgil, the "internet man of mystery", walked through a bunch of ideas for projects that varied from mildy impolite to questionably legal.  If you weren't at the lecture, you should definitely check out his slides, which are now on the course web site.  And, if you want some other ideas check out his web page to see some of his past hacks... 

There are some more standard sources for project ideas listed on the course web site too.  And, if you're interested in doing a theory oriented project, check out some of the papers here, or talk to me or the TAs and we can point you to some interesting starting points.


  1. If you're having trouble finding a group for the project, just post a comment here and coordinate with people that way. Or, talk to me and I'll try to match you up.

  2. For those still thinking about project ideas... There are a number of interesting starting points in the papers at WDSM 2010 (a conference happening this week).

    One in particular that struck my eye was "You are who you know: inferring user profiles in online social networks"