Friday, January 8, 2010

Relevant upcoming seminars

As I mentioned in the first lecture, there are a lot of interesting topics related to crowd sourcing and content aggregation that rely on machine learning.  We won't go into the machine learning related aspects of these topics in this course, but Yasar's course (146ab) focuses a lot on these issues...and, there's a very interesting upcoming guest lecture on the topic that I'd highly recommend everyone attend!  It focuses on the "Netflix prize" and is given by a lead member of one of the winning teams.

----quoted from Yasar's email ------

Dr. Joseph Sill, a Caltech alumnus and a lead member of one of the two teams
that tied the top score in the Netflix competition, will give a two-part
seminar next week about the technical details and other insights into this
highly celebrated competition in machine learning.

The seminar will be classroom style with whiteboard level of detail, and
will be given as guest lectures in the Learning Systems course, but others
at Caltech are welcome.

When: Tuesday, January 12, and Thursday, January 14, 2:30-4:00 PM.
Where: 070 Moore

----quoted from Yasar's email ------ 

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