Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lecture 1

Glad to see so many faces at the first lecture...  I'm working on getting a new room still, so be sure to check back before Monday to find out where the next lecture will be.

If you still have any questions about what the course is about or about the procedural details of the course, please post them as comments here or ask me at the beginning of the next class.  Also, I really recommend reading through the V. Bush and T. Berners-Lee papers that I talked about in class there are links to them at the course website.

Also, be sure to remember that JK will be giving a probability refresher on Friday at 1-2pm in Annenberg 213. If you haven't had any probability since Math 2, I highly recommend attending, as being comfortable with it will be key to the first half of the course.


  1. No office hours tonight?

    --sad in 107ANB

  2. Office hours will start next Wednesday.

  3. Sorry about that! Raga said, we'll start office hours next week once the first HW is out.