Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to CS/EE 144!

Hi everyone!

Welcome back...  hope you're ready for a challenging but (hopefully) fun term.

You'll find most of the details about the course on the course website, so be sure to check there consistently.  What we'll be using this blog for a few things.
  • It'll be a place for announcements about the course, asking/answering questions on the homework, etc.  Basically, it'll be a way to avoid broadcasting emails to the class.  So, please be sure to check it regularly.  
  • It'll be a course blog for us to post and discuss interesting papers, news articles, and general happenings related to the course.  See the course website for details about how the "blog post" assignments will work.
The first homework will be coming out soon (likely Friday or over the weekend), so be sure to check back.


    1. I've written my blog post, but won't posting it here cover up announcements? Also, I'm not entirely sure it's what you're looking for. If it's not, are edits and redos okay as long as it's before the deadline?

    2. It's great that you've written your blog post already. To get a feel for what we're expecting in the posts, please check out the examples from the Cornell course (see the link under "Blog Post Guidelines" on the course website. If you'd like to get feedback before submitting it for grade, you can email one of the TAs.

      As for where to post it, we do want you to post them on this blog. I think people will still be able to find the announcements... If that turns out to be a problem, I'll adjust the blog settings later in the term.