Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch Bunch on "Green" data centers Tuesday

I just wanted to highlight one thing that I mentioned at the beginning of class last week-- I'll be giving the lunch bunch talk tomorrow (Tuesday) 12-1 on "Energy-efficient data centers" in Annenberg 105.  This is a topic that's very related to what we'll be doing later in the course, so I recommend attending.  Think of it as a "bonus lecture" for the course.

Also, in general I recommend that Juniors and Seniors attend all the Lunch Bunches.  They are meant to be at a "Scientific American" level so that you can get something out of them, and they'll be very useful in helping you to understand what is going on in various research areas and companies.  Oh, and they have free lunch!  Think of them as the followup to CS9, where now you're ready to hear more of the details.

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  1. I hope to see a lot of you at my talk tomorrow...