Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lecture 3

Well it seems like we found a new home for lectures.  The room was big enough, and we weren't kicked out halfway through!

Today we moved from studying the web graph to looking at a bunch of examples of other complex networks besides the web.  My goal was to illustrate that the properties we saw in the web graph aren't special to the web -- they happen in most of these other networks too.  So, they are in some sense "universal".

This motivates two natural directions, which we'll spend the next few weeks studying:
1) Trying to understand what causes these properties to emerge
2) Figuring out how to exploit these properties.

We'll to 1 and then 2, spending about 3-4 lectures on each.

We started on 1 today by exploring Erdos-Renyi random graphs.  We saw that this simple model won't give us all the properties we want, but that it seems promising in terms of connectivity.  We'll finish up that discussion next time, and then move on to trying to understand what causes some of the other "universal" properties to emerge.

Don't forget to come to office hours tonight & tomorrow night...and of course, don't forget that HW1 is due Friday.

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